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welcome to Fashion Killed The Kid.

Tyler Collins is a 22-year-old Los Angeles native who specializes in menswear and lifestyle blogging. In 2013, Fashion Killed the Kid was created with the intention to dazzle and intrigue readers with Tyler's personal sense of style, lifestyle tips, recipes, art, and self-expression. Fashion Killed the Kid is telling a story; it’s content serves as a safe haven for the persona of ‘The Kid' and who 'he' is. There is a 'Kid' that lives inside every person who has become infatuated with creativity & art in some form or another. 'The Kid’ became so consumed with the idea of creating art through personal style, he felt everyone would want to emulate and follow his artistic lead. So consumed, it nearly killed him.

He constantly re-invents himself in more ways than one.

and no one will EVER know what to expect.