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Blogged: Dreams Do Come True! Thank you!

Hi there and Happy Monday!

I cannot express my appreciation for the city of New York for allowing me to experience such greatness. As most of you know I traveled from my hometown of  Los Angeles across the country to New York for a new job. More like a new experience experience actually. To have someone believe in your ideas is an unbelievable feeling. I look at where I am now and I can't help but think about how fortunate I am to be creative with my thoughts. Creativity is something that has allowed me to express myself in every single which way. It let's me know that I have a voice in this tiny entertainment world. I will have things that you all will be able to see and the best part about it is the fact that it's all coming from my head in hopes that it'll translate to your hearts. Whether it be television, motion pictures, or even books I plan to throw my hand into all of it. Remember, if it weren't for dreams we as people would have never made progress. Anything can be achieved with determination and tenacity. As long as you believe and put effort forward - the results are endless. Thus I leave you with a poem called "Dreams" by one of my favorite poets, Mr. Langston Hughes:

Bring me all of your dreams you dreamers
Bring me all of your heart melodies that I may wrap them in a blue cloud cloth away from the two rough fingers of the world
And that’s what poetry may do, wrap up your dreams
Protect and preserve them and hold them until maybe they come true
Columbus dreamed of finding a new world, he found it
Edison dreamed of light, more light and he made light
All the progress that human beings have made on this old earth of ours grew out of dreams
That is why it is wise I should think to hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die life is a broken wing bird that cannot fly
Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go life is a barren field frozen with snow

— Langston Hughes

Thank you all!


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