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BLOGGED: #WelcomeWinter - Menswear MUST HAVES!

It's officially Winter! Over the weekend I found myself thinking about new and innovative ideas to showcase new fashion styles I have become obsessed with

Depending on where you are the whether could be a bit colder. An Oxford shirt can be nicely dressed up and could even be considered to be casual in some styles.


The pants you choose can either make or break your entire outfit. Here, I have a nice and simple black jean that can be paired with anything - which is something you want. Buying pieces that can easily be paired with new outfits keeps money in your pockets and creatives more versatility between different garments.

As for shoes, I honestly could not  imagine my wardrobe without my Chelsea boots! These boots have elevated my overall look in a way. The first purchase was Topman weren't  this style in anymore but I'm sure finding a similar pair wont be a problem. 

To most this outfit may seem plain because it's lacking one thing. Every "plain" outfit needs something that makes it stand out a bit more. Which is why I'm going to introduce you to a new style - capes! They're in for men, very affordable and SO major, I predict the trend will be met by mid 2015. Take a look at TOPMAN's cape (I purchased yesterday)

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