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The end of 2014 is here and it has been beautiful to say the least. Going into this year I didn't set a "New Years Resolution" instead, I attempted to make everything and every connection I made with someone count. I focused on being forgiving and I embraced the idea of change even though I was scared. I can confidently say that this year has taught me to live for me. I do what makes me happy no matter what anyone thinks. Everything that has happened this year has made me the adult I am in this very moment. I have a new outlook on life and the people who I have in it. I will always try to appreciate effortless gifts (not materialistic, pure love). I'll surround myself with people who love me just as I love them. There won't be any stress over things I can't control. I pray that I will be blessed with even greater opportunities. Here's to 2014, ending out this amazing year in NEW YORK CITY with the friends I love.


See you all in 2015


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