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#FKTK August Reading List!

 The time has come for me to give you my MUST READS for the month of August!

For the first read I have NYLON GUYS Magazine! For those who arent familiar, Nylon Guys is a Menswear version of the well known Nylon magazine! The July issue features Usher and I am completely obsessed with the work that editor-in-chief, Marvin Scott Jared came up with. In addition to the innovative styles - I love everything about the magazine and it will always be my favorite!

The second book, is FUCK YEAH MENSWEAR! A super edgy tumblr themed inspired book that gives factual information about the history of some of the biggest Menswear pieces! This book is completely different from your average menswear book. The words are literally taken from the web and put onto a page. In a cool type of way of course. It took a while to get used to but it has emerged as one of my favorite books.

The third book is, Victorious After Victimization by Autumn Cherie Agent! 

 On December 18th, 1997, Autumn Cherie's life changed forever. On that day she was brutally attacked and beaten in an attempted rape. Her new poetry anthology, "From Victim to Victor", traces Autumn's long painful journey back to a sense of self worth, and a willingness to trust and love again.Her poems convey her every emotion- her joy at the birth of her daughter, her sorrow at failed relationships, the terror and anger of being raped, and the peace and healing of a vital love relationship. Read Autumn Cherie's poetry and it might change your life 

This book is a bit personal to me because my aunt is the author. Her book has been available for purchase for a few years now. Her story and her poems amaze me every time I read them.  I get inspired every single time I read one word from each page.

The forth book is, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Think and Grow Rich is a motivational and personal self help book that was aimed to inspire people into created empires for themselves.

The fifth and last book of the month is, The Rose That Grew From Concrete! Best part about this book is that it is composed of poems written by rapper and actor, Tupac Shakur! From his brain he created every poem in the book allowing readers to read about how he felt during his life.


There ya have it folks! I really hope you all take the time to read these amazing books!



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