#ParisFashionWeek - Balenciaga Fall/Winter Menswear 2015

Balenciaga released its Fall/Winter 2015 collection. At first glance, it can be described as one word – pristine. I don’t use that word often but when I do, I know I’m using it correctly. Let’s start out with the color scheme: All fucking black and it’s SO fitting. Balenciaga is the type of brand that sounds like it’d be too hot to touch. Which in my opinion is one main reason why most people can’t pull off the complicated designs. This collection makes everything more challenging for the everyday person to wear, which is why I would personally say that this couldn’t be categorized as ready-to-wear. This takes effort to make look effortless. From the button up shirts, wool jackets, boxy shaped clothing is the main focal point almost giving a sense of Outer space. 

Tyler Collins