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#See Here: Louis Vuitton DEBUTS Fall/Winter Menswear Collection 2015!

And the winner for BEST Paris Fashion Week runway show goes to my favorite – Louis Vuitton. The Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear collection was just released and it’s any and everything I could have ever wanted from one of my favorite fashion houses -  Let’s start off with the reasons why.

First, I’m huge on the idea of being cohesive, especially when it comes to a collection. I’m rarely disappointed by LV and I’m not surprised that they came up with something THIS amazing.  What they’ve decided to do is create similar, yet major pieces like trench coats, suede suit jackets, and even a few leather jackets as well (bare with me as I will talk about coats A LOT!, New York was cold and jackets are my new obsession). The most common print they decided to use gives off a simplistic edge. The print is paired on structured and well detailed on different coats and even slacks and pants. The recurring print makes this a bit of a capsule collection yet I don’t see any flaws with any of the outfits that made their way down the runway. As for color scheme there are a lot of brown, navy, and even cream pieces. Even a few items have red adding a POP of color.  It’s mostly ready-to-wear style is what makes it translate as it’s walking down the runway. Each item could be easily be paired with other looks or styles which is what I like to see in collections. Louis Vuitton exceeded my expectations and then some. I’m SO excited to purchase something when this amazing collection is available. Hope everyone enjoyed this collection as much as I did.

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