Visiting The Metropolitan Museum of Art had always been one of my goals. The idea of learning about european culture has always fascinated me. The Met is known for it's innovative art and fine art selection. Which is an understatement because their art is more than fine, it's breathtaking. Walking In, I was originally blown away by the detailed architecture. Europe has always been a place I've wanted to travel to. The Met's content of art gave an inside look into Europe and its historic and captivating art. I learned a lot about Middle Eastern art as well. My favorite part was the Italian Renaissance bedroom. The detail with every piece made me feel as if I was really in that era of time. The detail in the ceilings of the bedroom was something that I had never seen before, seeing it up close and personal made everything even better. Sitting on the steps of the met was something I enjoyed as well. It was nice to reflect about how much art I saw and interpreted. I'm so fortunate and excited to be able to travel to different museums in order to learn more about art and different cultures. For this week, I'm in D.C. Can't wait to visit around town - my biggest goal, heading to the Smithsonian to learn about African Art, American History, and American Indian History. Can't wait to share!


Tyler Collins