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Everyone who knows me personally is aware of my love for juicing. Over the last three years I developed a serious craving to drink my fresh pressed fruits and vegetables to ensure myself that I was getting the proper nutrients I needed to stay well. My first juicing experience started when I was  a freshman in college. Feeling odd about the change - I became nervous and paranoid which spiraled into me eating healthier. I've posted about why I think juicing has been an important part of my life. Three years later it is still something I practice and can't imagine my life without it! It has improved my daily mood, cleared my skin, and it continues to flush out any toxins that affect my body. Since being in NYC, I've grown extremely familiar with different juice bars like Juice Generation and Tribeca Juice.  Today I had the pleasure of trying Juice Press. Conveniently located downtown near my office - I tried the Clean Green Protein. Filled with almond milk, spinach, banana, hemp protein, raw almond butter, kale, coconut nectar, and chia seed -I enjoyed it! A smoothie like this is something I'd need daily to satisfy my veggie cravings. My experience with the product and staff was great. Each employee was more than helpful with assisting me. By the way, I recommend checking out the Tribeca location at

415 Greenwich st 10031, New York, NY.

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