Well, there we have it! 2015 is officially history! Crazy to believe that this time last year I was in New York ringing in what would turn out to be an amazing year. Going into 2015, I referenced a Langston Hughes quote that stuck with me for a while. The quote stated, "If dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly". One of the most accurate statements I've ever heard in my life. Keeping my dreams alive, my time spent on the East Coast for the last few weeks have been nothing short of amazing. I've traveled and most importantly, I've become more culturally aware of my own history. Today, I'm sitting in my New York apartment watching Carson Daly count down till the ball drops.  Moving into 2016, I plan to maximize my benefits and work endlessly on perfecting a better business plan for the official Fashion Killed the Kid clothing line. In addition to working harder on all things FKTK, I'm happy to announce that I have created 6 series that I will be shopping to networks very soon.  I've always thrived by being creative and this year shall be nothing short. Tomorrow is page 1/365 of the year 2016. As a promise to myself, I will make time to write in a journal for everyday of this year, giving myself more memories for the future. See you all in 2016! :) - THE KID

Tyler Collins