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Coachella 2015!!

Another week, another late blog! I kid, I kid. This week is all about Coachella! Words cannot express how much fun I had at this years Coachella. This year I told myself I needed a change. Something unusual (Well, in my own eyes at least) SO, I decided to do something extremely different - I camped! That's right - 4 of my friends and I really delve into the Coachella lifestyle by sleeping in tents, using communal showers, and PARTYING like there was no tomorrow. I mean, it's Coachella, anything goes, right?! Fashion at Coachella is usually all about the girls. However, this year the guys showed out! While I did complain along the way, I had an amazing time. I'm sharing some of my favorite photos along with outfit inspirations for all of my menswear enthusiasts. Enjoy & leave comments below!



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