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Ocean Ave

Wearing: American Apparel - Polka Dot Jacket & Shirt | Topman - Chino Pants, Boots, & Jewelery.


Greetings readers! This week I decided to head down to Santa Monica for a fun day of shooting. I have been waiting to showcase some of the new purchases I made over the last few weeks and I'm glad to introduce them to the world. As everyone knows, I'm an American Apparel type of guy who purchases any and everything thats new and in stock - so both the jacket and the shirt I'm wearing were extremely easy decisions. I loved that the jacket had a pattern - polka dot - simple & not to mention, my second favorite pattern behind stripes. The shirt is extremely versatile. By that I mean that it can be used for both casual and dressier occasions. The neckline on the shirt comes up a little higher than normal which i absolutely fell in LOVE with. As for the pants, I purchased my Chino's at Topman. Extremely comfortable, in style, and I knew no would else would wear baby blue pants so I went for it and it paid off - I can't live without them. The boots were also purchased at Topman during my stay in New York and although I contemplated buying them for about an hour - I'm extremely happy with my purchase. The jewelry is all from Topman and added perfectly to the outfit.

As for my color scheme,  BLUE is always in. I decided on an all blue outfit because I am in love with the idea of simplistic style with GREAT detailing. Having detail is going to be extremely important for Menswear during the 2015 Summer. Since it's almost summer time, you all might want to get used to seeing some bright colors on the sunny coast of California! I'm thinking more blue, yellow, pink and even white. Let's see what kind of trouble we can get into. #killedit

Stay tuned for more coming this week!

Photo's by: Dorian Hammond