oh sh*t. i'm mixed with 13 different cultures


Ever since I was young, I've always been huge on history. Since I could remember, I've always been interested in the idea of learning about different cultures, especially my own. A few months ago, while watching 'Many Rivers To Cross' on Netflix, I became inspired. I went online and bought an Ancestry DNA kit. I finally felt ready to explore parts of my past in hopes of reconfirming things I already knew and I was also open to the idea of being surprised at what I had found. When my kit arrived, it was a simple procedure. Spit into the tube at a certain line and wait for 6-8 weeks until it processed. As I awaited the processing time, I became extremely anxious and excited about the possibility of what would come back. Where exactly did my ancestors come from? How many cultures would I be connected to? So many questions rushed through my mind. After waiting for what felt like forever, the results finally came in last week. As I opened the email, I got my results and while I wasnt extremely surprised, there were a few thing that I found shocking! 


I am pleased to announce that I am a multi-cultural individual who has ancestry in 13 different countries. 70% of my heritage comes from my African ancestors in places like, the Congo, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Bantu, Mali, & Benin! 

I had known about the Bantu side because most of my ancestors are from Madagascar. What I found most shocking was that I had Nigerian heritage on the list. Overall, I was very excited to have the opportunity to learn about my African culture.

Aside from my African culture, it turns out that I'm 6% Native American! I had always known that I was Native American from other relatives who told me from the time I was young. 

In addition to both African and Native American, the most shocking part of the test revealed that I was 18% EUROPEAN. This to me was a little shocking but then again, I expected it. I always get asked if I'm mixed due to my "light" complexion.I figured something would come up on the test. I've always known that I had white heritage I just didnt know where it was from till now! Turns out I'm Scandinavian, Irish, Italian, and Greek! WOW! All 4 - that was the biggest surprise to learn that I was 4 types of European decent. 

To wrap my results up I am also 6% Pacific Islander coming from ancestry in Polynesia! 

I am absolutely thrilled with my results and I'm even more excited to put my findings to use as I dive deeper into my family history. My next goal is to travel to each country in order to learn more about the culture.

Thank you to Ancestry.com for doing an amazing job!

The Kid.

Tyler Collins