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I'm constantly on the hunt for new ways to elevate my outfit with a great accessory. Lately, I've been attracted to the idea of developing my own personal sense of street style. Fortunately for me, I've found what I believe is the perfect accessory - BANDANAS. Truth be told, I've never actually been a fan of wearing bandana or hats but I felt as if going against my original judgement was appropriate especially when it comes to my fashion. I decided to give it and try and I can confidently say that I am OBSESSED with wearing bandanas. Over the last month I've accumulated 7 different colors of bandanas that I feel give my outfits an interesting edge. 

Highlight: Though I focused mainly on updating my street style, implementing a bandana with a classic or classier look isnt completely out of the normal. It's totally doable and recommended! - See how I styled my favorite look below!