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Coachella is always a dream come true. This year marked my third weekend having fun under the sun. For this year, I wanted to theme my outfits by decade. While styling for Coachella is never an easy task I went in with a million different ideas, yet one theme stuck out.How can I implement different decades into my style choices? I decided on 3 decades - 70s, 80s, & 90s!

For Day 1 I was really inspired by GRUNGE 90s. The shirt I wore Day 1 I purchased at Cotton On. I cut it into a crop and cut holes into the top in order to make it edgier. The overalls were vintage that I thrifted a few years ago.

Day 2: I love the idea of a good set. In the 70s, it was more common for men to wear sets. Colors like mint green gave me a vibe that I knew would translate well on camera. Mint Green is also one of my favorite colors. Subtle yet perfect for any festival look. 

Day 3: The third day is always the most energized. It's the last day to have as much fun as possible before the weekend is over. I knew that the third day had to be the most shocking outfit. Like the shirt on Day 1, I got this one from Cotton On. I cut it into a crop top, paired it with BRIGHT pink shorts, and even tied a sweatshirt around my waist to add a different layer.

The real question is, which day was the best? Let me know below!

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