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What would Cell phones, iPads, or even computers be without apps? There's no secret that apps make our devices more interesting. Being a blogger, I find that applications makes it easier for me to keep in with everyone and especially my readers. This being said, I have 10 amazing apps that I know an extrovert like me MUST have!

10. UBER - When I don't want to drive into the city for an event, I never have to worry about it. I don't worry about traffic nor do I want to focus about valet parking. Uber makes it easier for everyone to get around especially when in groups. Think of it as a sleeker way to get around town. 

9. SOUNDCLOUD - I love the community feel that Soundcloud has to offer. I'm instantly connected to new music as soon as someone I follow decides to like something!

8. FACEBOOK - I use Facebook to when I need to get in contact with family or friends. It's always nice to "check-in" to see what everyone is doing

7. HUFFINGTON POST- I pride myself on being very current with things that are happening in the world. Huffington Post allows me to read about different events. I pay close attention to the Black Voices & Queer Voices sections!

6. BUZZFEED - I'm sure you're all used to seeing Buzzfeed as outlet for funny quizzes and cool videos. I enjoy Buzzfeed because it puts a cool spin on international news.

5. YUMMLY - Everyone who knows me knows that i LOVE to cook. I'm in the kitchen about 4 or 5 days a week making dishes for my friends and family. Yummly is a newer and innovative app that gives you a recipe for literally anything and everything. On this weeks list: Lavander Lemonade (stay tuned for that post)

4. SNAPCHAT - Okay, I'm addicted to Snapchat & I'm not afraid to show it. I'm the guy who will post long snapchat stories and have no shame doing it. My favorite part of Snapchat is using different geotags and seeing how creative each little city are. 

3. TWITTER - I began using Twitter in 2008 and I fell in love with how easy it was to connect with other users. In over 7 years I have made Twitter my own universe for my blog.

2. VSCO CAM - Vsco Cam makes my pictures more refined. I pay close attention to the detailing in all of my photos and VSCO cam makes things more clear and professional.

1. INSTAGRAM - We all knew what app would come in at number #1 on the list. For me, Instagram has been one of the largest tools that have helped shaped my overall vision of this site and my forthcoming clothing line. 

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