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Traveling has always been one of my favorite things. In addition to spending time in New York, I decided to make a three day stop in Philly, Pennsylvania. During my short stay, I attended a Caribbean Music Festival, ate at a few great restaurants, and even checked out what Pennsylvania had to over a boy from California! My biggest concern for this trip was being able to remain comfortable all while keeping fashion as the focal point. That being said, I focused on casual apparel.

Highlights of my trip: I got to experience what eating an AUTHENTIC Philly cheesesteak and I'm glad I waited till I was in Philly to actually try it. I also had the pleasure of visiting the Reading Market Terminal. The food options, the atmosphere was unmatched. I really enjoyed spending my time roaming around the city and can't wait till I get a chance to go back. Tell me -- Have you traveled recently? Let me know where I should head next!

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