This post is LONG overdue but I needed time to get everything the way I wanted them to be. I'm glad to be able to finally release my favorite photos and moments from this years Coachella. If you've been a reader for a while or you know me personally, you know that Coachella is one of my favorite events of the year. This year was different from other years for me fashion wise.  I attended the festival, camped with amazing friends, danced, drank, and lived to the best of my abilities for the fourth year in a row. While I attend Coachella for the atmosphere and the music, this years focus on what I was going to wear wasn't a huge priority. I wasnt into the idea of "Coachella fashion" but instead, what I thought looked good for me instead of the masses. Every year aside from this one, I've had a solid theme to base my outfits around. This year I incorporated different things that I wanted to evoke based on my musical mood and how rowdy I thought I was going to get. Be sure to click through both of  the gallery's.  Till next year Coachella, I've been counting down the days since we left. 

Tyler Collins