My #Outsidelands Style

This year marked my first visit to Outsidelands - a music festival in San Francisco, California. Like many other music festivals I've attended, I always attempt to dress in a manner that fits the overall vibe of the festival. For those of you who aren't familiar with San Francisco and Karl the Fog, my outfits will make sense given the colder breeze and gloominess in the sky.

Most people are curious about my process when it comes to picking out outfits for musical festivals. My thought process begins with taking a piece and attributing it to a certain day. For my first outfit, I wanted to incorporate warm elements all while making my outfit edgier by adding a new flare. Everything worn on the first day had been thrifted over the years, aside from my turtleneck which is from my favorite ready-to-wear brand, #Topman.

Day 2 - I kept things extremely casual. I'm normally not a fan of any print that stands out. I figured playing around with an oversized camo shirt would be a good look for an eclectic music festival, pairing it with black jeans and a bandana as an accessory kept things fresh and easy.

Day 3 - served as the coldest day of the weekend so I knew I had to come prepared in some sort of oversized layer. I wore a flannel that was thrifted back in high school, a pair of vintage Levi Dad Jeans, a white muscle tank and enhanced the fit by styling the bottom of my jeans and throwing on a simple necklace. 

In all, I enjoyed the weekend. I laughed, danced, partied,  met really amazing people, listened to some of my favorite artists and I got to play around with more style options which is my FAVORITE thing to do. I've included links to potential or similar styles that I wore over the weekend thanks to RewardStyle and I hope you all take a look at them.
Stay tuned for what I have next up - I have so much to show you!