My Fashion Week In NY! #NYFW


Did you just read the headline? I’m still shocked but I’ve finally made it to New York for Fashion Week 2019.

Given my hectic schedule, I always tend to find Fashion Week to be impossible. This year, things have changed and I’m finally in control of my schedule and the things I want to accomplish. This year, I wanted to immerse myself in all things Fashion. In-order-to do so, I’ve given myself the opportunity to really maximize on the opportunities such as this weekend. I also think it’s extremely important to highlight that my time spent here is one importance. I absolutely love spending time in New York/Harlem and being back in New York gives me a sense of a life that I know is to come extremely soon . If I had things my way, I’d be in New York at least once a month or maybe every-other month in-order-to get my fix of that East Coast life! Until then, enjoy the main fashion-staple for my Fashion Week experience.

Tyler Collins