How I Became A Blogger


One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, "How Did You Become a Blogger?". Throughout the last six years of my blogging career, I've been able to measure the importance of blogging, media, and social channels. While this experience has been extremely rewarding my blogging journey started solely with the intention of desire. In the most transparent way possible I'd like to give my background story in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

As a young ten-year-old, I was obsessed with the idea of media. I fondly remember taking an interest in clothes and style, which was a trait I inherited from my mom (shoutout to her, haha). At the time, I also had a huge interest in reading magazines. One day while I was out shopping with my mom, I developed a random idea. I told myself that I was going to go home and create a magazine given my interests. That same day, I went straight to our home office and played around with different Microsoft templates. I spent hours crafted and creating my version of what I wanted to see. I knew whatever I came up with would be interesting. About an hour of searching for cool pictures to include in my pieces, I began to base my content around things I knew about: My family! Every week I would create small write-ups about my parents, my brother, aunts, uncles, and anyone else who came over to visit. I made sure to put a copy in every room in the house, ensuring that everyone would read it. After making 5-6 issues, my interest began to fade as I became involved in extracurriculars. A few years later, I'd begin to realize that I had a deeper and stronger sense of purpose for writing.

Fast forward to 2012. I decided to give my writing a platform. My idea for the website was celebrity-based. After attempting to break into the celebrity media blogging sphere I knew I didn't stand a chance for two reasons. The first being the market and how extremely saturated it was. The second reason was my lack of interest. I didn't have a huge interest in using my writing ability to discuss celebrities and people lives'. After deciding that celebrity blogging wasn't for me, I began to think about things that made me happy. As a generally positive person, I always try to find good in every situation. However, nothing gets me as excited as clothing, style, and good food. Keeping those three interest in mind allowed me to introduce my blog, Fashion Killed the Kid to the world.

Fashion Killed the Kid was officially launched on August 9th, 2013. I was a first-year college student in Santa Barbara, California. I began hosting FKTK on Tumblr to try out my style and see if I could gain traction. I formulated my content with random blurbs. These random blurbs consisted of reblogging fashion content and including my #ootd for fun. Looking back at the beginning of my blogging career, I wasn't aware of how I wanted to start my content rollout. My position as a newer blogger wasn't as strong because I was focused on being notable instead of having good content. As a blogger in today's world, my job consists of giving factual information to my readers. Though the last six years have been challenging, I would encourage everyone to find something that they're passionate about and continue to work on their craft.

In all, I started blogging for my love of communication and the ability to be vocal about things I enjoyed. I wanted to create my own space where I could showcase and vocalize my thoughts and ideas. The best aspect of creating this entire outlet is giving myself time to reflect on different topics. Blogging in itself has been such a vital tool for my life. The importance that blogging has had on my life has allowed me to open up and share my personal experiences openly and honestly.

Breaking down every critical step in my blogging journey is something I look forward to sharing with my readers. Whether it's food, fashion, or beauty, your voice should and will be heard. Given my inspiration to encourage others to speak, I'll be writing a step-by-step guide to help you start your blog! With passion and commitment, anything desired will be yours for the taking. I thank you for coming along with me on this journey.