Why Are Men Afraid To Experiment With Fashion?


We wake up in the morning, eat breakfast (at least I do) , then we ask ourselves: "What am I going to wear today? 

Picking out an outfit in the morning has always been a favorite activity of mine. I always found joy in the idea of getting to open my closet doors and sort through a large selection of clothes in hopes of finding an outfit that I feel is a perfect for my mood that day. Granted, with me being a fashion blogger,  I enjoy playing around with my wardrobe more than most men would (or so we like to think. Yet, lately I've noticed that most men arent consumed with finding the "perfect" outfit. It is through my experience that most of my male friends find the task more  daunting than anything. As men, fashion options are limited. While most women would disagree, I too think there are more style options for women.  Most American men wear similar outfits (i.e jeans, shorts, and a t-shirt). If only more men had the time to be more versatile with their style, we wouldn't be marginalized with the things we could wear. It is my personal theory that men see clothes and think of elevating their style as tough act of personal maintenance. 

The trending style of men's fashion consists of the normal - ripped jeans, t-shirts, and dad hats. Is there anything more to men's fashion that dosent consist of being plain or normal? Not trying to offend anyone when I ask that question. When buying pieces to add to your personal wardrobe collection, I believe that there should be more flexibility as opposed to normality. Why? Without being different, there won't be any progress being made within men's fashion in general. It is up to men to dare to be different instead of being conformed to certain fashionable guidelines - one step at a time gentleman, one step at a time. Next time you're out shopping, do yourself a favor and  think of the word - FLEXIBILITY when choosing pieces that are being thrown together for an outfit. Oh and another thing, remind yourself that COMFORTABILITY is a cop out.

Tyler Collins