Fighting A Cold? Here's My Remedy


Hi readers & Happy Thursday :)

It seems like everyone is coming down with a huge cold and since I rarely get sick, I always panic when I do end up coming down with a bad cold or infection. The most recent cold I had lasted for about 4 days and got better with three simple ingredients that most people keep in their cabinet/refrigerator.

These three items are listed as:


1. Lemon

2. Honey  

3. Water  


While all three ingridients are extremely beneficial in their own right, mixing these three together is a tasty and quick way to soothe a sore throat and get your digestion track back in order. 

Directions: Boil one cup of water on the stove. Boil the water until it gets as warm as you would like. I personally prefer my tea to be warm enough that I feel it working as it runs down my throat. When it gets hot enough make sure to put a spoonful of honey in the water and mix it in. Afterward, squeeze half a lemon in the mixture. Pour it all into your cup/mug and enjoy 😊 

** I recommend doing this when you first wake up in order to set your digestive system before you intake any food.  


Hope everyone is staying warm. Have a great weekend readers! 

Tyler Collins